Game Scoring Details

Regular Scores:
Winning: +1
Kout: +2
Hakem Kout: +3

Bonus Points:
Winning the match will give you extra points. To get this point, you must played the game from beggining to the end.
Match of 3: +1
Match of 5: +2 score
Match of 7: +3

- Creating a new match will cost 1 token.
- Playing the challenges, will cost you the amount of "entry tokens" for the challenege for every game.
- For every game that you win in the challenege, you will recieve your entry tokens back and an extra 3/4 of the entry tokens. For example for match with fee of 10 tokens, For every game that you win, you will receive 17 token while paying 10 tokens (net of 7 tokens).

Extra Conditions:
- If you have more than 3 auto plays in a game, you will not recieve any score for winning the game.
- If you start the game and leave in the middle of the game, scores it will be same as losing the game.

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